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Shark Sigma

Research platform supporting backtesting, live trading, machine learning and technical analysis


One stop for ticker stats. Get stats for derivatives, identify support/resistance zones and stop levels


Identify high probability set ups, automate chart watching with machines

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Highly interconnected trading apps and infrastructure


Execute different types of trading and investing strategies: code your algorithm, use GUI or use ML if you like JupyterNotebooks


Our unified research layer allows most trading and investing strategies: trend following, mean reversion, pairs trading, factor investing, portfolio optimzations


Use our data APIs supporting multiple asset classes, exchanges, geographies whether it is equities, derivatives, commodities, forex or crypto


Interconnected trading apps, allow you to perform A to Z of trading and investing. Tradingview charting, Rest API executions, scalable compute layers, notification systems, brokerage integrations

Deploy with SharkSigma

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Shark Sigma
Shark Sigma is in a limited roll out for businesses and individuals. If you’re a quant or a fund, please provide additional information to request an invitation and we’ll keep you posted.
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Since SharkSigma is in beta, it is available to a limited number of users and its capabilities will continue to change.